Monday, August 29, 2016

Best real estate software

During my internship at the biggest real estate company from Berlin those guis decided (basically due to the fact that I am a very technical person) to be in charge with choosing their future real estate virtual tour software - which was in fact a great or rather HUGE task.

The problem was the fact that there were more than 20 solutions and the company had 5 departments - and each of those departments had some very specific needs regarding that software.

So we did not really wanted or needed the best software solution from a technical or user experience point of view, as we wanted the most feature packed and at the same time the most versatile software solution that money could buy.

So - the main problem was that I only found one really good software solution - and that is named Tour Wizard - finally it was quite funny that because we started from 20 solutions, we slowly eliminated all the things that did not have the necessary features for the marketing department, or for sales, or for the BI guis that really need all the data that it is possible to get.

And to ennumerate, some of those features are:
- social media integrations
- email integration
- embed capabilitieas
- annotations
- live chat support
- phone support
- different file formats supported for images
- reporting

So you can imagine that it was not simple, but we finally did it - and everyone was really happy with the Tour Wizard solution.

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