Tuesday, August 30, 2016

You know what is funny - it is really funny to thing that there are a lot of companies that are fighting for the low end or mainsteam services, while the market for the really rich people or for those people that want and can afford to pay way more for a certain service it can be very small.

And this happened in Romania - this happened regarding some of the best services that I have received and also for a very small amount of money - and this happened of course due to the fact that the gui did not hafve a lot of cleints.

This is about some transfer to otopeni services - which were to be honest the best transportation or transfer services that I have ever experienced on this planet - that guy was EXTREMELY professional, very serious, the car was also very clean so I have to conclude and say that those services were really extraordinary.

I also have to praise the car, which was a Mercedes, a very new model in fact (and also very expensive) - a real black cab that was able to drive me through the streets of Bucharest with ease, in a perfect state of comfort and without any kind of incidents.

So I have to recommend rentcarwithdriver and that gui as the best car/driver that you would find in Romania.

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