Sunday, August 28, 2016

Working for a callcenter agency

In one career you have to start from the bottom and slowly go up, slowly but steady and this is what I tried and manage to do in the last couple of years - and I still remember my first job at the LondonRedLight Escort Agency - which was a very interesting experience from a life point of view, as I have really found a lot of interesting people.

Then, after this really strange but at the same time very interesting job I was hired as a junior system administrator for a company that was teaching students foreign languages, so you can understand that I have entered in contact with people from a lot of cultures, people that really wanted to learn some strange languages that were very interesting for their likes.

I can also tell you that working as a junior system administrator I really had to do a lot of  helpdesk, I have also to clean the computers (I mean the dust out of those computers) to do a lot of backup and system maintenance activities that were rather annoying.

Later - I become a consultant in IT problems and I understood the fact that as you advance in life a lot of opportunities will appear, and you would somehow be able to allow them to past by you ay you will embrace them - so in this way I really was able to make a lot of friends and also to create a bas eof clients.

But the tip of the mountain was for me to work as a freelancer, to make my own daily program. 

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